Zero VOC Floor Refinishing

It is easy bein’ Green!
Zero VOC Floor Refinishing

VOC stands for “Volatile Organic Compound” and they are harmful to human and animal health.  Knowing this, many homeowners are choosing “Zero VOC” finishes such as vegetable finishing oil for their hardwood flooring.  This reduces the chemical fumes in your home after a refinish and is much safer for your in-home environment.

Why Use Zero VOC Floor Finishes?

  • Do you have pets and small children?
  • Do you have respiratory issues?
  • Do you care about you and your families health?

Popular for years in Europe, this zero VOC alternative to conventional finish is slowly but surely winning the confidence of America’s wood floor professionals and customers alike. Not only are these finishes better for the environment as well as the health of our families, they also provide a stunningly natural, hand rubbed look.

Unlike urethane finish which is designed to sit on top of the wood surface, penetrating oil finish is worked deep into the pores of the wood with the excess being removed in the process. The finish then bonds with the wood from within, creating a durable and natural looking surface, all with no toxicity or fumes, and very little to no odor, allowing parents to rest easy as their little ones and pets crawl and play.

There is some periodic maintenance required, but this can easily be carried out by the home owner and is as easy as cleaning the floor. Cared for properly, a floor finished in this manor can last indefinitely without needing to be refinished.

The sanding process for a wood floor finished using a vegetable oil finish does require a higher degree of technical knowledge regarding the nuances of wood sanding and finishing than does polyurethane, which is quite forgiving in comparison.

It can make a journeyman floor finisher sweat bullets when it comes time to apply the finish. We at J & J Wood Floors have spent many years honing our skills with these products. We understand the need to progress toward a more harmonious and healthy relationship with our environment and we invite the challenge.

Give us a call today and let us help you breath a little easier in your home!